Cups & Balls Michael Ammar - 1 video DOWNLOAD
    • Cups & Balls Michael Ammar - 1 video DOWNLOAD

    Cups & Balls Michael Ammar - 1 video DOWNLOAD

    This magic trick video format is designed for learning the Cups & Balls.

    You'll be able to access specific moves with just a click and can even watch frame by frame to understand every subtlety, from the basics to building blocks needed for a routine.

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    Cups & Balls Michael Ammar - #1 video DOWNLOAD

    The video format is absolutely perfect for learning the Cups & Balls. Get to the move you're looking for with just a simple click, advance or rewind, frame by frame, to see every subtlety and nuance. From building blocks to blueprints, you'll be able to construct any type of routine needed! Plus-three cameras watch from perfect angles showing the exact timing, techniques and misdirection needed for confident performing.

    Volume One

    Fundamental Props
    Definitions - Mouth, Top of the Cup, Nesting, Stacking, Holding Out, Fake Transfer, The Steal, Loading (Secret/Actual/ Fake), The Dirty Hand, The Clean Hand, The Inertia Move
    Basic Nesting
    The Super Simple Routine
    Fundamental Skills #1 - Acting
    Methods of Holding Out
    Finger Palm
    Thumb Palm
    Classic Palm
    Beginning Sleights
    The Fake Transfer
    The French Drop
    Classic Pass
    The Simple Transfer
    Misdirecting by the Wand
    Secretly Loading a Ball Into a Cup
    From Finger Palm
    Thumb Palm
    Direct from Palm
    The Tip Over Load
    Loading a Nested Cup
    Stealing from a Tabled Cup
    Two Finger Steal
    Simply Holding Inside
    The Two Finger Steal Out and
    Spin Around to Show Empty
    Stealing from Nested Cup
    Little Finger Retention/Steal
    Nesting Rolling Steal
    Fundamental Skills #2 - Timing
    Faking the Load
    The Scoop, The Scoop Clip
    The Pinch Method,
    The Fake Roll Out
    Cool Cup Moves
    Passing One Through Another
    Wand Through Cup
    Showing Inside Deeper Than Outside
    Showing a Ball Inside an Empty Cup
    Rolling a Cup
    Pulling a Ball Up Through a Cup
    The Charlie Miller Move
    The Mendoza Move
    Click Move
    The Flushtration Count
    The Tip-Off or "Fako" Move
    Galloping Post Move
    The Centrifugal Move
    Fundamental Skills #3 Routining
    2nd Level Routine
    Fundamental Skills #4 - Misdirection
    The 4 Ball, 3 Cup, 1 Final Load Routine
    The Impromptu Routine

    Idioma: Inglés


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