David Roth Ultimate Coin Magic Collection Vol 1 video DOWNLOAD
    • David Roth Ultimate Coin Magic Collection Vol 1 video DOWNLOAD

    David Roth Ultimate Coin Magic Collection Vol 1 video DOWNLOAD

    In "Magic with Copper/Silver Coins & Expanded Shells," you'll learn a variety of impressive coin tricks that will leave your audience amazed. From the classic Copper/Silver Transposition to the visually stunning Coins Across with Shell, these tricks will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. You'll also learn how to perform a mentalism miracle with A Coin Prediction and create a magical image with Photo Coins. Plus, you'll discover sleight-free versions of classic tricks like Coins Through Glass and Coins Through Table. With these tricks, you'll be able to perform mind-blowing coin magic that will leave a lasting impression.

    In "Magic with Folding Coins & Specialty Gaffs," you'll explore a whole new realm of coin magic.

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    Magic with Copper/Silver Coins & Expanded Shells

    • Copper/Silver Transposition-The ultimate version of a time-honored classic!
    • Presto Chango-A startingly visual quickie where two coins-one copper, one silver-go through some miraculous changes that will leave your audiences breathless.
    • Chinatown Half I & II-Two fantastic methods for the classic transposition between a Chinese coin and an American half-dollar.
    • A Coin Prediction-a standard gaffed coin is used for a mentalism miracle.
    • Coins Across with Shell-Perhaps the ultimate version of the Winged Silver plot as four coins magically travel from one hand to the other and finally, to the spectator's closed hand!
    • Photo Coins-A tiny, blank piece of photo paper, initialed by a spectator, is sandwiched between two coins and develops an image of a selected card.
    • Coins Through Glass-A visual penetration of a coin straight through the bottom of an ordinary drinking glass.
    • Coins Through Table-A virtually sleight-free version of a coin magic classic!
    • Half and a Quarter-A visual stunner as a quarter, passed beneath a half-dollar, visibly changes into another half. It then changes back-and everything can be examined!
    • Perfected Coin Through Handkerchief-A version of the classic effect that will even fool magicians.

    Magic with Folding Coins & Specialty Gaffs

    • Magic Mint-A half-dollar magically appears alongside a previously displayed quarter. The half is put away and then the quarter magically changes into still another half-dollar.
    • Coin In Bottle-A classic of magic with a Roth-style ending. A half-dollar is magically passed into a bottle. The coin is removed by turning the bottle inside out-which is proven by the fact that the bottle's label is now on the inside!
    • Coins Through Table-A visual stunner as the coins not only pass through the table but visibly vanish as they hit it.
    • Biting A Coin-Learn David Roth's handling of a visual illusion that David Blaine made one of the most talked-about effects on his television special.
    • Scotch And Soda-Every magician has this coin set. Now learn its proper use.
    • Dime And Penny-An overlooked effect. Let David show you its true magical potential.
    • Copper/Silver/Brass-The classic transposition of three dissimilar coins that ends with a stunning climax in the spectator's hand.
    • What's more-you end clean!
    • Stack Of Quarters-One of the oldest coin effects in magic history, yet it still packs a wallop! Learn David's handling of the classic Cap and Pence.
    • Cigarette Through Quarter-A coin effect that still stuns audiences and David Roth's handling is perhaps the most streamlined version ever devised.
    • Eraser Coin-One of David Roth's most innovative effects. The performer visibly rubs away pieces of a coin with an ordinary eraser and finishes by erasing one entire surface.
    • Karate Coin-Thrust your finger straight through a half-dollar and then restore it-and you start and end with a completely examinable coin!

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