Devious Volume 2 by Michael Close and L&L Publishing video DOWNLOAD
    • Devious Volume 2 by Michael Close and L&L Publishing video DOWNLOAD

    Devious Volume 2 by Michael Close and L&L Publishing video DOWNLOAD

    After a twelve-year hiatus, magician Michael Close is back with a new video collection of mind-blowing tricks. Known for his quality material and thorough instruction, Close aims to entertain and deceive both laymen and fellow magicians. With a focus on card magic, the routines on this two-disc set are suitable for various settings and occasions. Close goes beyond simply explaining how each trick works, delving into the reasoning behind each routine. Whether you're performing casually or trying to impress your magic buddies, Close's tricks are sure to leave you amazed and laughing.

    The second volume of Close's collection features four sets of tricks. The first set is perfect for casual performances and includes a fresh presentation for a revelation of two selected cards.

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    It has been a dozen years since Michael Close has released any material on video. His last collection - The Ultimate Workers - was lauded for both its quality of material and its thoroughness of instruction. These were the routines that defined the word "worker."

    Well, Michael is back, and his goal remains the same: to entertain and profoundly fool everyone he performs for, whether they are laymen or magicians. You'll laugh, you'll be amazed, and when you find out how these routines work you'll say, "Man, that guy is devious."

    For the past decade, Michael has been living and working in Las Vegas, a town where a deck of cards is a commonplace object. On this two-disc video set, Michael focuses on card magic, with routines suitable for formal settings, strolling, casual performances, and those special times when you want to crush the brains of your magic buddies. As before, Michael's explanations take you far beyond the "how" of each trick into discussions of the "why" of each routine. A large amount of supplemental information is also imparted.

    So, sit back, relax, and get ready to have a great time. Getting fooled was never so much fun.

    Volume TWO

    Set 1 (For Casual Performances)

    The Way of the Duck - A fresh presentation for an amazing revelation of two freely selected cards.

    The Matching Miracle - An Ed Marlo routine streamlined by Harry Riser.

    Harry's Faro Trick - Harry Riser had forgotten about this amazing card discovery. It was published in M-U-M, but has never appeared on video.

    Set 2 (G.C. Extravaganza)

    Red See Passover - Michael's presentation and handling of Simon Aronson's great effect.

    A Handling for Dean and Weber's A New World - Michael's approach allows for an effect that no other version can duplicate.

    Dancers at the End of Time - A classic from Workers 2. Brother John Hamman's Underground Transposition takes a side trip through the Twilight Zone.

    Set 3 (A Lesson in Routining)

    Sideswiped - Another great Simon Aronson effect.

    The Bammo Deck Walloper - Michael's handling of this effect is so good, it fooled Bob Farmer, who (along with Gerald Kirchner) created it.

    Set 4 (Magician Foolers)

    Vernon Would Have Liked This - A very natural and elegant handling of an Ambitious Card effect.

    Bedwell Meets Findley - An unusual combination of moves produces a stunning card control.

    The Stewart James Prank - A lesson in how to punk your pals.

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