DOUBLE DECKER by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
    • DOUBLE DECKER by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    DOUBLE DECKER by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    This eBook and video bundle is perfect for magicians who want to add two amazing, impromptu card routines to their repertoire

    Paul's "Joker Sandwich Surprise" and "Everybody Loves a Clone" will leave your audience in awe and will guarantee you some great laughs

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    Two superb, IMPROMPTU card routines that you will be proud to perform! These are favorites with Paul!

    These two effects, plus the COINS THRU TABLE (see Paul's eBook), are routines that Paul always has with him for those impromptu performances... they are PERFECT!

    PLUS... a very important four-page INTRODUCTION about HOW to bring your spectators in your "magical universe". This Intro is a MUST READ! The INTRODUCTION is worth twice the price - very sage advice.

    Also, Paul has provided TWO VIDEOS, explaining Paul's famous underground sleight, The Simplex Bottom Reversal, showing 4 different ways to use this valuable sleight!

    1) JOKER SANDWICH SURPRISE - This is one of the best "openers" you could imagine! Place the Jokers out on the table - (they can be inspected!) and then begin a crazy routine with great laughs as you begin this effect (very funny stuff!). Then have a card peeked at (no force) and lay the deck down. Pick up the two Jokers, wave them over the deck, and with a loud "Snap!" a face down card POPS into view between the Jokers... it is the selection!

    2) EVERYBODY LOVES A CLONE! - This is one of Paul's VERY FAVORITE EFFECTS to perform... it is mind-boggling - yet SO easy to do! It can be an opener or a closer... it is THAT STRONG! This beautiful, multi-stage routine will FLOOR your spectators - GUARANTEED!

    This effect is a lot of fun to perform!

    Download the eBook and video and start learning today!