Erase by Agustin video DOWNLOAD
    • Erase by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    Erase by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    This magic trick is sure to leave your audience in awe! You start by showing an ace, and with a flick of the wrist the pips disappear

    Then you make the card turn completely blank

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    Turn a playing card into a blank card, and then transform it again or into any card.

    This is three-phase amazing color-change routine. Every phase is guaranteed to impress your spectators.

    First phase, you show an ace, and visually make the pips disappear just by flicking. Second phase, you make it all turn to blank. And for the final phase, you make it all reappear in the spectator's hand.

    You can even transform the blank card into any card, including a signed card.

    This routine is super fun to do and the gimmick is easy to construct. End clean and examinable.

    Download the video and learn!

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