Faded by Ebby Tones video DOWNLOAD
    • Faded by Ebby Tones video DOWNLOAD

    Faded by Ebby Tones video DOWNLOAD

    Faded is an incredibly impressive magic trick that will leave your audience amazed! With this trick, you can make something you've drawn magically change into something else - a prediction, a spectator's card, or whatever else you can think of! Best of all, you don't need any magnets, strings, or elastic to perform this trick - the writing or drawing looks incredibly smooth and seamless as it transitions, and the paper can even be examined by the audience afterwards

    Plus, it's so easy to use that you don't even need to set up anything complicated - just watch the video and you'll be read...

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    Faded is an amazing effect whereby something drawn changes into something else - a prediction, the name of a spectator's card, it's up to you! No magnet, string or elastic. The writing or drawing really looks smooth when changing and transitioning. The paper can be examined by the audience. This is very easy to use without a complicated set up. Simple handling.

    Download the video and learn!

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