Fly Knot by Agustin video DOWNLOAD
    • Fly Knot by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    Fly Knot by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    This magic trick will truly amaze your audience! Combining two classic rubber band magic plots – Transpo and TnR (Torn and Restored) – this trick has everything you need to make a lasting impression

    Show the audience two rubber bands of different colours, give one to a spectator, then break your band and tie it in a knot before putting it in your hand

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    From the mind of AGUSTIN comes a unique and amazing effect of rubber band magic.

    Combining two plots, Transpo and TnR (Torn and Restored), it will leave your audience with an impossible and beautiful miracle.

    Show two different colored rubber bands, and give one to the spectator. Break the other rubber band, tie it, and put it in your hand. Then with a little shake, the knot vanishes. Ask the spectator to open their hand - astoundingly, they will find the missing knot tied to their rubber band!

    - Highly visual
    - No gimmick
    - Easy to do
    - Examinable
    - Give the rubber band as a souvenir

    Download this video and start performing!

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