GOLD Experience by Rockstar Alex - Video DOWNLOAD
    • GOLD Experience by Rockstar Alex - Video DOWNLOAD

    GOLD Experience by Rockstar Alex - Video DOWNLOAD

    "Gold Experience" from Rockstar Alex is a card trick that offers three impressive techniques. The first method allows you to produce four of a kind, such as kings, aces, or queens, in a visually stunning and fast manner. This trick is perfect for starting a routine and never fails to elicit a "WOW" reaction from spectators. Despite its impressive appearance, it is surprisingly easy to learn.The second technique is a one-handed card change or switch that is both beautiful and enjoyable to perform. All you need is a table to showcase a card on both sides, throw it onto the table, snap your fingers, and witness the magic unfold. This trick can be done with any deck or even a business card.As a bonus, the download includes two additional coin vanish handlings.
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    This is: ''Gold Experience'' from Rockstar Alex

    What you can learn from it:
  • One method to produce 4 kings, aces, queens or any 4 of a kind. Incredible, Fast and Visual; Best for an opener of a 4 of a kind routine. I haven't see any spectator who saw this and not go: ''WOW''. It makes you look like and expert card handler, and the best part is: It's not hard to learn at all.
  • One method to a 1 handed card Change/ Switch that is very pretty and fun to perform, you will need a table, show a card on both sides, throw it on the table, snap your finger and see the magic happen. This can be done with any deck or business card.
  • Two BONUS handlings for coin vanishes for FREE. Worth the price of the Download alone, this is a very good deal because i used to sell these two BONUS for the higher price. You put the coin in your empty hand and it's gone, show BOTH of your hands empty no special clothing require, you can do it even if you're NAKED in a strip club. It's quite knacky but worth the efford, practice makes perfect, my friends.

    Tips, FREE Bonus, HD video, nice music... and more.

    The Explaination is very clear and slow with instruction written and spoken in English language. This is another gift from Rockstar Alex - one of the top professional underground magician from Vietnam - to you straight from his working repertoire.

    Skill level: Intermediate