LTP by Hui Zheng - Video DOWNLOAD
    • LTP by Hui Zheng - Video DOWNLOAD

    LTP by Hui Zheng - Video DOWNLOAD

    A magician demonstrates a trick where two toothpicks are held in each hand and visually penetrate each other. The trick can be performed anywhere and can be viewed from any direction, including the bottom. It can even be done on a spectator's finger, allowing them to see and feel the illusion. Importantly, there are no threads, magnets, sticky tape, wax, or camera tricks involved.

    The magician's skill and technique are showcased in a demo video, accurately representing how the trick looks when performed live. This trick offers a captivating and impressive visual experience for audiences, without relying on any gimmicks or editing tricks. It is a versatile trick that can be performed in various settings and is sure to leave spectators amazed.

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    Magician holds two toothpicks (or any sticks) on each hand. Visually, The two toothpicks penetrate each other! What you see on the demo video is how it looks live! Perform anywhere!

    View from any direction (Even Bottom)
    Can be done on spectator's finger( They can See and Feel )

  • No Threads!
  • No Magnets!
  • No Sticky Tape!
  • No Wax!
  • No camera tricks or edits!

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