Morphin Time by Monowar video DOWNLOAD
    • Morphin Time by Monowar video DOWNLOAD

    Morphin Time by Monowar video DOWNLOAD

    This amazing magic trick will leave your audience in awe! Based on the classical transposition effect, you will need two packs of four cards each - either all red or all black

    Hold the red cards in your hand and wave them - visually, they will change into the black cards, and the red cards will now be on the table! This effect is visual and direct, and can be done with a borrowed deck - all you need is a bit of sleight of hand

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    This idea is based on the classical transposition effect.

    Performer shows 2 packs of cards. 4 red and 4 black. Then he/she places the black cards on the table and holds the red cards in his hand. As he waves the red cards, they visually change into the black cards. And the red cards are now on the table!
    • Only two packs of 4 cards each
    • Visual and direct
    • Can be done with a borrowed deck
    • Pure sleight of hand
    Download the video and start learning now!
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