Never Bet the Devil Your Head by Francis Girola eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Never Bet the Devil Your Head by Francis Girola eBook DOWNLOAD

    Never Bet the Devil Your Head by Francis Girola eBook DOWNLOAD

    Do you want to create an interactive and memorable experience for your spectators? Then look no further than Never Bet the Devil Your Head by Francis Menotti - an incredibly clever and captivating bizarre mental act that ensures your audience will never see it coming

    This effect consists of a Faustian-journey story that culminates in an impressive surprise for your volunteer

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    "Never Bet the Devil Your Head is a very clever and compelling bizarre mental act to suit the more intimate occasion. Francis has taken some already incredible influences and masked them with a diabolical method that the spectator will never see coming as the storyline performance has been honed to mask it so well. Highly recommended!"
    - Steve Drury (committee member of PSYCRETS, British Society of Mystery Entertainers)

    Most magicians know the power of a great giveaway at the end of a routine.

    As a mentalist, what if you could leave your spectators with something other than a bent coin or a drawing on the back of a business card?

    What if you had the opportunity to create an interactive theatrical experience wrapped neatly in storytelling and ending with a powerful souvenir for your volunteer?

    Never Bet the Devil Your Head is my own humble attempt at finding a solution to those very questions.

    Influenced by two effects by Docc Hilford and Paul Brook, it is a complete mentalism routine that flirts with the realm of Bizarre Magick.

    In a nutshell, your audience is invited to embark on an imaginary Faustian journey that culminates with a rather eerie revelation of a special coin. It is immediately offered to an audience member as a memento that will forever be reminiscent of a rather puzzling moment they have just experienced.

    In that regard, this is NOT the type of effect that you will do in a table-hopping situation. Method-wise, it is extremely easy! However, its true power relies on the presentation.

    Thus, although the effect is quite versatile and caters to a wide range of performers (magicians and mentalists), it is better suited for quiet or intimate environments where you can easily set the scene for an immersive, dramatic experience.
    • Suitable for close-up and parlor
    • No sleight of hand
    • No special gimmicks
    • Very little preparation
    • Almost impromptu -- keep a small coin in your pocket and you're ready to perform the routine!
    • Works in any language
    Never Bet the Devil Your Head comes with the complete and detailed script of my presentation.

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