• PASTEBOARD REVELATIONS by Paul A. Lelekis mixed media DOWNLOAD

    PASTEBOARD REVELATIONS by Paul A. Lelekis mixed media DOWNLOAD

    This e-book and video package from Paul Lelekis contains 7 powerful magic effects that will blow away your audience! You'll learn a trade secret that will fool every magician you show it to, a Riverboat Stack that goes back to the 1700s and will leave your spectator with an impossible keepsake, a Nuclear Fusion effect that's even better than Anniversary Waltz, a Card Box Magic trick that you can do with an empty pocket, a Mathedology trick that is mathematically based but no one will guess it, and the Marlo Poker Deal which is a fantastic poker demonstration that ends with a Royal Flush


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    (7 powerful "workers" from the archives of Paul Lelekis)

    These professional routines are REAL workers -The Poker deal within this e-book is worth TWICE the price of this e-book... and it is absolutely EASY to do!

    "This is a bargain for anyone looking to add some new material to their toolbox, as well as get some great insight into magic from a real pro!"
    - Marc De Sousa

    Included with this e-book are 8 videos, explaining every phase of these fantastic routines, making them easy to follow!


    WOW! - Learn a "trade secret"! Paul has fooled every magician he's shown this to! A shuffled deck is found separated into reds and blacks - the selection is found amongst the half of the opposite color! The spectator pushes the cards together...yet the red cards are still separated from the blacks! NO GAFF deck is used...just a regular deck! THIS IS DEFINITELY A 'MAGICIAN FOOLER" - I guarantee it!

    The RIVERBOAT STACK - No one knows this stack - and it goes back to the Riverboat Gamblers of the is the BEST cyclical stack out there! Anyone can check the deck out and it will NOT reveal the stack! Paul provides two excellent routines that will teach you the power of this stack:

    1) In the first effect, you will freak them out with your "powers" of ESP! Everything is performed very openly! Turn your back - and, yet, you can still read her mind!

    2) The second effect is even more powerful than the first! I LOVE this MULTIPLE-REVELATION effect! A card is FREELY selected and lost, yet it appears amongst some cards that SHE picked out...and absolutely NO palming of cards - just pure routining! This will become a "pet routine" for performers!

    NUCLEAR FUSION - Is "Anniversary Waltz" a great trick for couples? This effect is even BETTER...and it is easier to do! Some terrific "old chestnuts" are added into this routine to make it a FUN, memorable time for all! This effect will be LONG remembered and they'll leave with an "impossible keep-sake"!

    CARD BOX MAGIC - Dumb name - but who cares? This "quickie" will be long remembered! Place a signed card into the middle of the deck, and place the deck back into its case. Place the deck into your shirt pocket (after showing it empty) and immediately remove the signed card! EVERYTHING can be inspected - So easy!

    MATHEDOLOGY - This is ANOTHER great trick for couples or friends or family members! A mathemagical effect that is amazing! Mathematically based...but NO ONE will think it is! Very, very clever!

    MARLO POKER DEAL - This poker deal by Marlo is one of the best poker demonstrations ever created! The spectator picks out 5 cards from the force! You then teach her how a card sharp can "take your money", using a Poker demo ...but it ends with the 5 cards picked out by the spectator, to be a Royal Flush in Spades! This effect is VERY EASY to do and NO ONE will figure it out!

    Download the eBook and videos, and learn!