Portal by Chaco Yaris video DOWNLOAD
    • Portal by Chaco Yaris video DOWNLOAD

    Portal by Chaco Yaris video DOWNLOAD

    This new magic trick is a great way to add some eye-popping magic to your show

    It's easy to make, easy to do, and really inexpensive

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    A new way to use Black Art is ready for you... really easy to make... really easy to perform.
    • No magnets, flaps, thread or any electronics
    • You can add your own vanishes and appearances to your routine
    • Really inexpensive to make
    • Use for parlor... stage... social media... or wherever you want!
    "EASY to make, EASY to do. Very visual eye-popping magic. This is great magic!"
    - Shaun Robison

    Great i candy for you socials... I love it!

    Download the video and start learning!