R.O.A.M - The Reality of All Matter by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
    • R.O.A.M - The Reality of All Matter by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD

    R.O.A.M - The Reality of All Matter by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD

    R.O.A.M is a controversial and enlightening book that delves into the realms of the paranormal and supernatural. It reveals the truth about space, time travel, evolution, the pyramids, aliens, UFOs, ghosts, and more. The authors, T. HuGoth and Dr. Jonathan Royle, have been accused of studying quantum physics to an advanced level, although this is not the case. The book has received praise from Royce Holloman of Paranormal Palace Radio, who was amazed by its revelations. It offers a unique perspective on the meaning of life and the true reality of all matter. However, readers should be warned that once they delve into its contents, they may never be the same again.

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    R.O.A.M is perhaps the most controversial, educational and enlightening book you will ever read during this lifetime.

    Indeed Royce Holloman of Paranormal Palace Radio (USA) admitted that he was amazed by this book's revelations during a recent feature interview with the two authors on his Radio Show.

    He actually accused the authors T. HuGoth & Dr. Jonathan Royle of having studied Quantum Physics to Degree Level and Beyond, which in reality is not the case.

    In truth this book contains the revealing and eye opening truth about Space, Time Travel, Evolution, The Pyramids, Einstein, Darwin, Aliens, UFO's, Ghosts, and numerous other elements of the so called Paranormal and Supernatural.

    To Discover the True Reality Of All Matter and The Meaning of Life you need to read this book now before its to late. But Be Warned as once you read the contents you may never think, feel or be the same again.

    Are You Ready to be enlightened?

    What you read above is the advert copy that the "Shut Eye" general public see before purchasing this book.

    As a Magician, Mentalist or Psychic Entertainer the themes and ideas explored in this book will give you numerous ideas and plots for patter routines, stories and structures to base your work around.

    Contains information that will both hugely entertain and also blow your audiences minds when you work it into your routines.

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    Pages: 228 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT

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