Robert Temple's See-Saw Induction & Comedy Hypnosis Course by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
    • Robert Temple's See-Saw Induction & Comedy Hypnosis Course by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    Robert Temple's See-Saw Induction & Comedy Hypnosis Course by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    This amazing NEW AND UNIQUE practical training package from Robert Temple and Dr

    Jonathan Royle, international hypnotherapists, is now available for instant video download! It comes with awesome features such as 5+ hours of intensive training videos, access to the original training manual from when Robert began, and other INVALUABLE training resources

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    An AMAZING and totally NEW AND UNIQUE stage, street and clinical hypnosis training DVD package -- now available for the first time via instant video download!

    In 2009, Robert Temple teamed up with his original comedy stage hypnosis trainer, Dr. Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith, and together they filmed this incredible training package.

    This is a mega value package! It contains 5+ hours of intensive training videos, access to the original 513-page PDF training manual that Robert Temple studied when he began, and numerous other INVALUABLE training resources. It will turn the novice into an accomplished hypnotist, and will even teach the established professionals far more than just a few "new tricks" and techniques.

    Robert Temple is an award-winning magician (previous finalist of The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year). He had even travelled the world with his comedy stage hypnosis show by the time he was 21 years old!

    On this mind-blowing training set, he has teamed up with his original hypnotism teacher, international stage, television, and media hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle. Here he teaches you, in a simple step-by-step manner, quite literally EVERYTHING you will ever need to know for GUARANTEED stage, street, and even clinical hypnosis success!

    This package will teach you EXACTLY how to safely hypnotize people within just 60-90 seconds of meeting them!

    Amongst the new, unique, and amazing rapid trance and speed induction methods that these true professionals will teach you include:
    • Robert Temple's ultra-fast seated "See-Saw" Induction
    • Robert Temple's INSTANT seated "Crocodile" Induction
    • Standing "See-Saw" Induction
    • Standing "Crocodile" Induction
    • Royle's Falling Forwards "See-Saw" Standing Variation
    • Royle's Snip & Drop Rapid Induction
    • Plus, numerous other rapid and instant hypnotic trance inductions and suggestibility tests that are invaluable for all stage, street, and clinical hypnotists to learn and use in their work!
    Indeed, no stone has been left unturned in this amazing training set which contains over 5 hours of intensive training, covering EVERYTHING you will ever need to know for HYPNOTIC SUCCESS...

    • Almost an entire comedy stage hypnosis show performance from Robert Temple - filmed in a real-world UK performance venue.
    • Further induction methods and hypnosis techniques from Dr. Jonathan Royle.
    • Footage of Robert Temple as a guest lecturer at hypnosis training events, where he goes into further depth about "The See-Saw Induction."
    • Access at no extra charge to 3 complete home-study hypnosis training manuals.
    • Plus, many other INVALUABLE training aids for the hypnotist and mentalist. These include access to another 47 training videos, with over 12 hours of educational content.
    What Are People Saying About This Package?

    "Much like Victor Kiam, who was so impressed by the products produced by the shaving company Remington that he bought their company, as an experienced comedy stage hypnotist of decades of experience, I was so impressed by the speed, power and effectiveness of my student Robert Temple's ingenious See-Saw Hypnotic Induction Technique that I immediately purchased the world marketing rights upon it for a four-figure sum that very same day I had it demonstrated upon me."
    - JONATHAN ROYLE - England

    "Robert is a skilled hypnotist, who presents his ideas clearly. Despite his youth, his stage persona and experience shine through. His ideas, like mine and others, are influenced by his teachers and adapted by his own style. Anyone who buys this for the price they are selling it at will have some very useful material to help them become a great hypnotist. Jonathan Royle does a good job of interviewing, and adds some thoughts that are quite valuable."

    "As a working hypnotist, I thought I had seen all the best inductions about... until I watched Robert Temple's See-Saw. It ticks all the boxes for a great induction, and more that I had never considered before. It's a fun induction, for the performer, the subject and anyone watching. The See-Saw has worked on my subjects even after others have failed, including in busy, noisy night clubs, but also works just as well in quieter settings, and is ideal for therapy. I now use the See-Saw Induction regularly. It's my favorite method."

    "I wanted an induction robust enough to cope with use on stage and in casual situations. The See-Saw is an efficient, direct, and self-contained induction that allows the hypnotist to demonstrate the untapped powers of the subject's mind and then quickly guide them into a deep stage of high suggestibility and deep hypnosis. The video is a mammoth length where Rob leaves no stone unturned, no questions unanswered... and then he does a silly dance!"
    - KEN DYNE - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

    "As a hypnotic experience, the See-Saw Induction is a must. I have never experienced hypnosis in this way before. This induction gives you a wonderful feeling. From a hypnotist's point of view, it does EXACTLY what it says on the tin... it's the most effective and quickest way to put ANY participant into trance. Pure genius! Thanks Rob -- you have opened new doors into the world of hypnosis."

    REVIEW - MAGICSEEN MAGAZINE - Issue 27 - July 2009:

    Video 1 is basically a complete show by Robert Temple, filmed in a pub somewhere. This is really useful to study patter, pacing and style, and sees Robert in a noisy pub environment tackling subjects with very short attention spans. Temple knows his stuff, and even though he's very young, his confidence and grasp of an audience is impressive.

    Video 2 sees Royle and Temple discuss hypnosis, and Temple shows his 'See-Saw Induction', which is very impressive. Royle has toned-down his normal abrasive style, and if he would go slightly more up-market, he would benefit even more. There's also the 'Standing/Sitting Crocodile Induction', and Royle's 'Snip & Drop' rapid induction.

    And then there are tons of bonus training videos and also, a complete step-by-step instruction manual included for good measure.

    There's far too much to talk about in a single review, but this set basically includes all you need to get you kick-started into the world of hypnosis.

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    Star Rating - ***** (5 Star)

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