Slow Ink by ZiHu Team video DOWNLOAD
    • Slow Ink by ZiHu Team video DOWNLOAD

    Slow Ink by ZiHu Team video DOWNLOAD

    The ZiHu Team introduces SLOW INK, a visually stunning effect that allows you to move permanent ink slowly on a card without any cover. Originating from CetarHavi, this method can transform chaotic ink into ordered letters, symbols, or pictures.

    Not only is SLOW INK easy to perform, but it also resets in seconds, making it perfect for continuous use. Plus, it doesn't require threads, magnets, or chemicals, ensuring a pure and astonishing spectacle for your audience.

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    Imagine being able to move permanent ink SLOWLY on a card with no cover at all!

    ZiHu Team proudly brings you SLOW INK - a crazy visual effect that will leave your spectator completely astonished.

    All the way from CetarHavi, this method clearly moves the chaotic ink on the card into order. It can be letters, symbols, pictures, or anything you want.

    Reset in seconds
    Easy to do
    No threads
    No magnets
    No chemicals involved

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