Small World by Patrick Redford video DOWNLOAD
    • Small World by Patrick Redford video DOWNLOAD

    Small World by Patrick Redford video DOWNLOAD

    Small World is an easy to do and powerful card trick with three phases

    The audience is presented with a shuffled packet of black cards face down and asked to separate them from the other, unseen red cards

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    Small World offers a powerful, three-phase, card routine that gives the audience the power to separate a small shuffled packet of black cards from red while they remain face down. The routine concludes with the audience matching the numerical order of the black cards to the numerical order of an unseen stack of red cards.

    Please Note: This download teaches the Small World routine but does not teach any of the bonus routines and material found in the original Small World book.
    • Small World is easy to do
    • Small World doesn't rely on complicated sleight of hand
    • Small World looks impossible
    Inside you'll find alternative methods and a special full-deck color separation not originally taught in the book.

    The effect is versatile! You could also perform Small World with a packet of colored ESP symbols. In that case, you'd use the ESP symbols instead of numerical values, and you'd use two colors of ESP symbols instead of a standard deck's red and black.

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