Surface 2.0 by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Surface 2.0 by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD

    Surface 2.0 by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD

    A visual magic trick called SURFACE II involves penetrating a tictac into its box. The performer hands tictacs to the spectator and announces their intention to perform a trick. They proceed to stab the tictac into the box, resulting in an unusual occurrence - the tictac melts, and the spectator can witness this phenomenon as the other part of the tictac is visible from inside the box. The performer then retrieves the tictac, leaving the box undamaged.

    SURFACE II is an impressive trick that combines visual effects with sleight of hand. It engages the spectator's curiosity and leaves them amazed by the unexpected transformation of the tictac. This trick showcases the performer's skill in creating illusions and provides an entertaining experience for the audience.

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    A very visual penetration of a tictac into the tictac box.

    EFFECT // You hand some tictacs to your spectator and say that your gonna try something with a tictac, you then stab the tictac into the box and something unusual happens the tictac melted and you can see it happening because the other part of it is seen from inside of the box, you then pulled it back and hand the tictac leaving the tictac box unharmed. This is SURFACE II.

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