The dream project by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD
    • The dream project by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD

    The dream project by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD

    Dan Alex has created a project with four surreal routines, all dreamed up by him. These routines are designed to cover every possible situation. The first routine, "M'ama non m'ama," involves a magician plucking petals off a daisy until only one remains, then magically reattaching it. In "Ice Prediction," the magician sips his drink while extracting cards and reveals the spectator's chosen card on the ice. "This Place is" involves the magician magically swapping a card chosen by the spectator with a card he had in his pocket. Lastly, "Sponge" is a visually stunning routine where a green sponge ball transforms into a red one. These tricks are all achievable with a bit of imagination, and adding them to your routine will make everything seem like a dream.

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    The history of this project is somewhat surreal, Dan Alex has applied this name because all four routines have been dreamed by him!

    They are designed for every eventuality!

    M'ama non m'ama:

    The magician is in nature. He picks up from the ground a small daisy and begins to pull off the petals until only one is remaining for the moment. At this point he pulls off the last petal visually and then reattaches it.

    Ice Prediction:

    It's a fresh prediction! The magician sips his drink while extracting cards and asks the spectator to choose a card which, he hides in the pile. Then he points out that on the ice of his drink is actually the number and suit of the spectators card!

    This Place is:

    The magician shows to the viewer a card and puts it in his pocket for a few moments. The spectator chooses a card and then place it face up in the deck. Then the magician takes the card from his pocket, gestures magically, and the cards change places !


    It is a beautiful opening or closing for your routine with sponge balls. The magician shows a green sponge ball, and while shaking the green sponge ball it visually turns into a red sponge ball. You can use any color you want!

    Each trick is feasible. You just need a bit of imagination and everything will be even more fascinating. Add these to your routine and everything will seem a DREAM!

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