THE EMPIRICAL ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
    • THE EMPIRICAL ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    THE EMPIRICAL ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    Experience ‘THE EMPIRICAL ACAAN’, an innovative and groundbreaking magic trick that enables people to connect to each other and set them apart from all the other ACAAN routines out there

    Features include an examinable deck (left as a souvenir), easy to learn (just 20 minutes of practice), and 70% of the time a hands-off/clean ACAAN

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    Love it or hate it, but most of the numerous versions of ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) out there end up in the same ball park - 'look what I can do' or 'I manipulated your choices without your knowledge or simply as a coincidence.' THE EMPIRICAL ACAAN drifts from all of that. Here is an ACAAN that enables people to connect to each other. An ACAAN that is not about you, but is instead about the audience -- with practically no sleight involved!

    What's great is that about 70% of the time, you'll have a hands-off/clean ACAAN. For the other 30% of the time, you'll have to do something logical that is covered by the presentation to make it look like a hands-off ACAAN.

    It involves 3 participants.

    The first names the number, the second names the value, and the third names the suit.

    The cards are dealt and, just the way it should be, their named card lies at the named number.

    • Examinable deck (can be left with them as a souvenir)
    • Easy to learn (you can perform this within 20 minutes)
    • 70% of the time, you'll seemingly have a HANDS OFF/CLEAN ACAAN
    This download comes with a video file for a better explanation of certain elements.

    Honest Notes:
    • There is a simple sleight involved that gets done ONLY ONCE, way before the trick truly begins.
    • This involves some first grader's mathematics (subtracting a single digit from another single digit), and you get a full 10-second pause to do so, covered under the presentation.
    Pages: 15 pages
    Video: 17 minutes

    Download and learn THE EMPIRICAL ACAAN.

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