The Hoax (Issue 3) - by Antariksh P. Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi - eBook DOWNLOAD
    • The Hoax (Issue 3) - by Antariksh P. Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi - eBook DOWNLOAD

    The Hoax (Issue 3) - by Antariksh P. Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi - eBook DOWNLOAD

    In issue #3 of this publication, the spotlight is on John Guastaferro. He took the time to answer our questions and even shared two incredible tricks with readers. Other featured magicians include Cameron Francis, Vikas Bhadola, and Sapan Joshi. The contents of this issue include a routine by John called "Color Blind," which is a quick and impressive trick. Cameron Francis presents "Out of Sight, Inside the Box," a clever handling of the Vernon Classic. John also offers his take on Vernon's Travellers with "Pick Pocket Aces," where the cards magically travel into the spectator's pocket. Vikas Bhadola contributes "Simple Sandwich," a straightforward and clean sandwich trick. Lastly, Sapan Joshi teaches "Chacha Control," a versatile card control technique.
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    In the limelight of issue #3 is John guastaferro.
    John took his time answering questions we asked and also chose to give readers a little treat by explaining 2 amazing tricks also fetured are Cameron Francis, Vikas Bhadola & Sapan Joshi.

    1: Color Blind by John Guastaferro : A short and quick routine of DR.Daley's Last Ace Trick
    2: Out of Sight, Inside the box by Cameron Francis : Simple and Devious handling of the Vernon Classic.
    3.Pick pocket Aces: John's take on Vernon's Travellers Where the cards also travel into spectator's pocket.
    4.Simple sandwich by Vikas Bhadola : A simple clean sandwich trick
    5.Chacha Control by Sapan Joshi : A versatile Card control for you to learn.
    6.In the Limelight : John Guastaferro Interview.

    Pages: 33 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT

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