The Last Tricks by Sandro Loporcaro - Video DOWNLOAD
    • The Last Tricks by Sandro Loporcaro - Video DOWNLOAD

    The Last Tricks by Sandro Loporcaro - Video DOWNLOAD

    This set of three effects is perfect for medium-sized spaces or street performers. They offer visually stunning and impactful tricks that are easy to perform and suitable for all audiences.The first effect, called Ring & Knot Collision, involves taking a rope and a ring and dropping them together. The result is a knot formed with the ring inside, without the need for any gimmicks. This is a unique twist on the popular ring and rope routine.The second effect, Desert Sand, introduces a new technique for producing small items such as birds, banknotes, fruit, sand, or other objects. What sets this technique apart is that it can be done without using sleeves or pockets. You can even perform it with the audience behind you and with a borrowed handkerchief.
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    This is the set of three effects suitable for medium spaces, or for those who work on the street. Visual effects and very high impact. They are easy to perform and suitable for all audiences.

    - Ring & Knot Collision: after collecting the rope in hand, you take a ring and you hold it with the same hand. The rope and the ring are dropped. The result will be that formed a knot with the ring inside. No gimmick. Alternative end to the famous ring & rope routine.

    - Desert Sand: this new technique enables the production of small birds, banknote, fruit, sand or other small items without using the sleeves and pocket! You can also perform with the public behind, and with a borrowed handkerchief. You can also wear a simple T-shirt. Easy to do.

    - Haunted Hand: a block of cards with a hand drawn is held together by a transparent strip. The first is signed by a spectator. Turns off a cigarette on the magician's hand (without danger of burn) and when the card is turned over the burn is imprinted on the card! Perform any time and any place.

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