The Vault - Spell by Shin Lim video DOWNLOAD
    • The Vault - Spell by Shin Lim video DOWNLOAD

    The Vault - Spell by Shin Lim video DOWNLOAD

    This ultimate spelling effect will amaze your audience: you hand your deck to a spectator, who shuffles it and selects a card

    Then, without you touching it, the card is lost back into the deck, while you remain completely clean

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    The ultimate spelling effect - the spectator will remember that they did everything!

    You hand the deck to a spectator and instruct him or her to shuffle the deck and select any card. You instruct them to lose the card into the deck without your touching it in anyway. No funny movements and you are completely clean at this point. The deck is now in their control the entire time. You then instruct the spectator to spell out the selected playing card, with each card dealt representing a letter. Once she does so, the audience will realize that the final letter will be the freely selected card.

    • No gimmicks
    • No stacks
    • Completely impromptu
    • No gaffs
    • No forcing
    • No peeking
    The purchase includes an instructional PDF, along with an instructional video tutorial. Shot in 1080p HD, Shin goes over specific moves from multiple angles.

    Learn now from F.I.S.M-NACM, I.B.M, WMS winner Shin Lim!

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