Tip by Agustin video DOWNLOAD
    • Tip by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    Tip by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    This magic trick is a great way to break the ice and get your audience's attention

    With no gimmicks, cuts, or glue, you can set up the trick in seconds

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    You give 5 bills to the spectator, snap your fingers, then 3 bills disappear and appear in the wallet that was held by the spectator from the beginning.

    You can also make it appear in your pocket or anywhere!

    This is an organic trick that is very fun to do. Suitable for all conditions because it is easy and can be done impromptu. All you need is your bills.
    • No gimmicks
    • No cuts, no glue
    • Set up in seconds
    • Great for an ice breaker
    • Examinable
    Download the video and start learning.