VANISH Magazine April/May 2016 - Ehrlich Brothers eBook DOWNLOAD
    • VANISH Magazine April/May 2016 - Ehrlich Brothers eBook DOWNLOAD

    VANISH Magazine April/May 2016 - Ehrlich Brothers eBook DOWNLOAD

    Issue 25 of the magazine features a variety of articles and features from the magic community. The issue kicks off with a note from the editor, Paul Romhany, and includes pieces such as "Bamboozlers" by Diamond Jim Tyler, "Knot Impossible Tie" by Butzi, Magicien, and "Flash Wad" by Thom Peterson. There are also articles like "$20 Phonebook Test" by Louie Foxx, "Show on the Go" by Josh Janousky, and "Paul Gordon's Twister" by Paul Gordon.

    Other highlights include "Instagram" by Erik Dobell, "News" by Nick Lewin, and a feature on The Ehrlich Brothers by Paul Romhany. There's also "Married in Magic" by Matthew Fallon, an appreciation of Paul Daniels by Ben Robinson, and a piece titled "The Magic World Will Never Be the Same" by Nick Lewin.

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    Issue 25:
    • From the Editor by Paul Romhany
    • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    • Knot Impossible Tie by Butzi, Magicien
    • Flash Wad by Thom Peterson
    • Drinks Anyone? by Paul Romhany
    • $20 Phonebook Test by Louie Foxx
    • Show on the Go by Josh Janousky
    • Paul Gordon's Twister by Paul Gordon
    • Instagram by Erik Dobell
    • News by Nick Lewin
    • The Ehrlich Brothers by Paul Romhany
    • Married in Magic by Matthew Fallon
    • An Appreciation - Paul Daniels by Ben Robinson
    • The Magic World Will Never Be the Same by Nick Lewin
    • Taumazein by Anna Shin
    • 4 Excerpts from a Magician Prepares by Joshua Stenkamp and Jason Wethington
    • The Other Side of the Road - Junk Yard Dogs by Harrison Carroll
    • Road to Recovery - Michael Night's Inspirational Journey by Paul Romhany
    • Adventures Become Misadventures by Romany - Diva of Magic
    • Bachstage - At Sea with the Illusionariium by Charles Bach
    • The Salon de Magie Experience by Ted Outerbridge
    • Ten Little Secrets by Timothy Hyde
    • Brainstorming with Majinx by Lawrence Larouche
    • Frank Garcia - Million Dollar Performer Mega-Million Dollar Friend by Randy Wakeman
    • Why Ventriloquism is Actually Magic by Jimmy Vee
    • Old Hats Review by Ben Robisnon
    • C.C.C. by Pablo Amira
    • The Devil Without - Interview with Ian Harvey Stone by Anthony Jacquin
    • Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends

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