VANISH Magazine December 2014/January 2015 - Andrew Gerard eBook DOWNLOAD
    • VANISH Magazine December 2014/January 2015 - Andrew Gerard eBook DOWNLOAD

    VANISH Magazine December 2014/January 2015 - Andrew Gerard eBook DOWNLOAD

    Issue 17 of the magazine features a variety of articles and interviews related to the world of magic. The editor, Paul Romhany, provides an introduction to the issue, followed by news updates from Nick Lewin. One of the highlights is an interview with Andrew Gerard conducted by Romhany. Ben Robinson explores the importance of wonder in magic, while Tim Mannix shares tips on entertaining kids. Timothy Hyde reveals ten little secrets, and Jeff Hobson continues his series on delusional illusionists. John Kaplan writes about Micky Hades and his passion for magic, and Nick Lewin profiles Fielding West in the Legends of Magic section. Matthew Fallon discusses the challenges and joys of being married in magic, and Nick Lewin presents a list of red hot acts.
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    Issue 17:
    • From the Editor by Paul Romhany 
    • News by Nick Lewin
    • Andrew Gerard Interview by Paul Romhany
    • The Importance of Wonder by Ben Robinson
    • Entertaining Kids by Tim Mannix
    • Ten Little Secrets by Timothy Hyde
    • Delusional Illusionists Part 2 by Jeff Hobson
    • Micky Hades: A Passion for Magic by John Kaplan
    • Legends of Magic: Fielding West by Nick Lewin
    • Married in Magic by Matthew Fallon
    • Red Hot Acts by Nick Lewin
    • The Age of Aquarius by Steve Spill
    • Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism by P. Craig Browning
    • The Trend in Today's German Magic Scene by Korbinian Hautle 
    • Stage Fright - No Need to Be Scared Part 1 by Keith Fields
    • Jeff McBride's Magic and Mystery School - A Wizard's Manifesto by Tobias Beckwith 
    • Bachstage Martin Lewis and the Facebook Post by Charles Bach 
    • Child's Play - Mayhem, Madness and Magic by Tony Chris
    • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    • Head for Drinking
    • Performing Tables #3 by Evan Reynolds
    • Key-R-Rect Pateo by Neal Scryer 
    • Wholly Smokes by Gregory Wilson
    • Har-Magic-A by Louie Foxx
    • Knab Night by Ken Dyne
    • Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends

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