Vibe by Bob Solari video DOWNLOAD
    • Vibe by Bob Solari video DOWNLOAD
    • Vibe by Bob Solari video DOWNLOAD
    • Vibe by Bob Solari video DOWNLOAD

    Vibe by Bob Solari video DOWNLOAD

    Bob Solari has created a new project called VIBE that allows magicians to perform a variety of modern miracles without using any sleight of hand. One trick involves the magician memorizing a shuffled deck of cards in seconds and then separating the red and black cards into two piles. Another trick involves a spectator selecting a card, losing it in the deck, and the magician being able to find it simply by feeling a "vibe" from the spectator. Additionally, the project includes a trick where the magician is able to find four specific cards in the deck without any sleight of hand, as well as a trick where a magician is able to separate a deck of cards by color and even into odds and evens. All of the tricks in VIBE are completely self-working, easy to perform, and require no skill.
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    The Jersey Devil Bob Solari is at it again. With his latest project VIBE, Solari gives YOU a chance to offer a set of real miracles to your audience. Utilizing a very under used technique, you will be able to perform a huge array of modern miracles, without using ANY sleight of hand!

    Out of this galaxy
    A deck can be fairly shuffled and turned face up and spread on the table. The magician says he is able to memorize the entire deck in SECONDS! to prove it he turns the cards face down and deals them into two piles. When he turns the piles face up, he has dealt all the red cards in one pile and all the black in another!

    Got The vibe
    A card is freely selected and lost in the deck. The spectator can shuffle and cut the deck, proving the card is legitimately lost. The magicians asks the spectator to concentrate on their card as the magician deals through the cards. When the magician feels a vibe from the spectator, he stops dealing and turns the card he stopped on over.....and its THE RIGHT CARD!

    4 Of Any Kind
    Imagine removing the four kings (or any other 4 of a kind), having the spectator lose the four kings into the deck and shuffle. The magician is able to deal through the cards and find all four Kings with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND!!!!! It can't be more fair!

    Covert Vibrations
    Slydini student and magician Bill Wisch joins in on the fun with this minor miracle. Using his fingertips, Bill is able to separate the deck red from black. Without looking, not only is he able to separate the colors, he can separate the cards into ODDS and EVENS!

    Remember, all the tricks are: