Volant by Ryan Clark - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Volant by Ryan Clark - Video DOWNLOAD

    Volant by Ryan Clark - Video DOWNLOAD

    A new deck suspension effect has been developed that appears impossible but is actually quite simple. The trick involves a small gimmick that can be easily made at home in just seconds. The best part is that both the cards and the box can be examined before and after the trick, adding to the illusion. Additionally, a coin can be borrowed and examined as well. The trick can be performed from any angle and requires very little light. There are no complicated moves or sleight of hand required, making it accessible to even beginners. Plus, there's no need for sleeves. Overall, the difficulty level of this trick is rated as a 1 out of 5.

    This new deck suspension trick offers a visually stunning effect that will leave your audience amazed.

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    A deck suspension that looks impossible is now possible! A very simple yet visual approach to the deck suspension effect is here.

    The effect is accomplished using a small gimmick which can be made at home within seconds.

  • Cards and box can be examined before and after the effect.
  • Coin can be borrowed and/or examined.
  • Can be performed at an 360 degree angle with very little light requirement.
  • No funny moves.
  • Very little sleight of hand required.
  • No sleeves

  • Difficulty level: 1/5

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