Weather Your Way by Devin Knight - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Weather Your Way by Devin Knight - Video DOWNLOAD

    Weather Your Way by Devin Knight - Video DOWNLOAD

    Weather Your Way is a visually entertaining mentalism effect that combines the topics of sports and weather. The performer invites three spectators to participate, emphasizing that they are not stooges and there has been no pre-show work. The mentalist introduces a CD prediction and places it in a CD player, claiming that it contains a prediction that will hopefully match a weather forecast formed at random by the spectators.

    The first spectator is asked to name one of their favorite sports, which is written on a board for the audience to see. The second spectator is then asked to choose one of three closed paper bags, each containing different types of weather gear. The hope is that they will choose the gear that matches the pending weather forecast.

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    One of the most visual and comical mental effects you will find. Invite three people to help you. These are not stooges and there has been no pre-show work.

    Mentalist states that the two most talked about things among strangers are the weather and sports. They go hand-in-hand, as the weather often affects sports. You then show a CD prediction and place it in a CD player. You say this contains a prediction that will hopefully match a weather forecast the spectators will form at random.

    You ask the first person to name one of his favorite sports. Assume he says: Golf. This is written on a board so the audience can see it. You then call attention to three closed paper bags on the table. You tell the second person each bag contains a different type of weather gear and you'd like him to choose one to hold. Hopefully, he will choose the right gear for the pending weather forecast. All this is done before the random weather forecast is made.

    The mentalist then introduces regular ungimmicked index cards containing various weather conditions (including comedy weather, such as raining cats & dogs), temps, wind speeds, etc. The spectators then select cards to form a random weather forecast.

    Assume they select Thunderstorms, Lightning, Hail, and 50 MPH winds. These conditions are written on the board for the audience to see. The performer then tells one of the spectators to push the play button. The CD plays and an official sounding NWS Weather Alert is heard. The voice warns of a pending thunderstorm, with lightning and 50 MPH winds. The exact forecast the spectators formed at random. But wait, there is a REAL KICKER coming up. The weather alert also warns that this storm could cause golf ball size hail! Yes, hail the size of the sports ball the person freely named when he came forward. This kicker will floor any audience. However, the best is yet to come. The mentalist points out that one of the spectators choose a bag BEFORE the forecast was formed.

    The other two bags are opened first. One is seen to contain gloves and a ski mask. That doesn't fit the forecast. The other bag is shown to have suntan lotion and sunglasses. That doesn't match the forecast either. Finally the person holding the bag opens it. Inside he finds a raincoat suitable for thunderstorms. The fact that the named sport also predicts the size of the hail is an unusual twist that your audience will never forget.

    This effect introduces two NEW psychological forces never used before. Note this is a new and improved version of Devin Knight's Weather or Not first released in 2006. This version is more organic in that no clear forcing bags are used.

    Important Facts:
    • No Stooges.
    • No Pre-show Work.
    • One of the people freely calls out a sport.
    • No chance of failure.
    • No Switch of CDs.
    • No Sleights.
      • This is supplied as a PDF with a professionally produced MP3 file made just for this effect. You burn the MP3 to a CD to play during the routine. Nothing special to buy. This effect uses index cards and a few items normally found in most households. Complete comedy routine showing you every nuance of the effect.


        "Devin Knight's "Weather Your Way" continues in the tradition that Knight has established, in providing entertaining, thoroughly thought-out mentalism effects that contain a combination of old, dependable techniques and a large jolt of bold new thinking."
        - Josh Mandel

        "This is an extremely visual, unique and entertaining effect. It involves two interesting and fun topics that most spectators are interested in - sports and weather. Devin Knight combines these two topics to create a very enjoyable and interactive routine."
        - Michael Siegal

        "This is a professional effect and a reputation maker! 5/5 stars rating"
        - John Teo, Magic Boutique (Singapore)

        "This is a fun, creative idea...If the effect interests you then it is worth the price."
        - Christian, MyLovelyAssistant

        1st edition 2015, 42 pages. 8.5" x 11" - PDF FORMAT

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