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DVD - Bavli Bending


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Volume 1 - Effects Performed and Explained:

Spoons from Card Case - Produce spoons from your card case - how do they fit?

Bending a Spoon in a Spectator's Hand - Bend metal with your mind!

Bag Bend - A complete act involving members of the audience; spoons bend and break!

Melting a Spoon in a Spectator's Hand - A spoon melts and breaks while in a spectator's hand!

Miracle with a Fork - One of the tines on a fork bends, unbends and then breaks!

Energy Hand - By simply waving your hand over a spoon, it bends!

Perfect Key Bending - A borrowed and signed key is bent using only the power of your mind!

Haunted Spoon - The ultimate haunted handkerchief!


Volume 2 - Effects Performed and Explained:

Incredibly Clean - An easy mental masterpiece with cards!

Question Mark Mystery - A matching pair of cards is located by a spectator using only the power of the mind!

Fan Vision - A thought-of card, the performer names it!

The Perfect Prediction - The ultimate book test, near- impossible conditions!

Impromptu Card Stab - A card is selected and lost; cards are tossed into the air and the selection is impaled on a knife!

The Perfect Clipboard - Guy's ultimate routine for the popular marketed clipboards. Just like real mindreading!


Volume 3 - Effects Performed and Explained:

Bending a Large Nail - Mind power demonstration!

Bending a Small Nail - Very devious method!

Shrinking Spoon - Visibly cause a spoon to shrink!

Spoon through Table - With the handle visible, a spoon penetrates the table top!

Stopping a Watch/Time of the Future - A borrowed watch is caused to stop working; then, under a spectator's hand, the time mysteriously moves forward several hours.

Headline Prediction - Perform a mental miracle using the day's newspaper!

The Perfect Clipboard - Guy's ultimate routine for the popular marketed clipboards. Just like real mindreading!


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