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Penumbra #5 - Book
  • Penumbra #5 - Book

Penumbra 5 - Book

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A Double Shot by Jim Patton
Two selected cards simultaneously fly out of the pack in two different directions
The California Angels by Bruce Cervon
Bruce's handling for David Britland's "Angel Aces" exploiting invisible elastic loops in a new way
The Cherry Control by Ricky Smith
An amazingly deceptive control of a selected card to the top of the pack. It's a shame you can't see this one done before you read it!
Color Scheming by J.K. Hartman
Another approach to Lee Asher's "Continental Divide" (Issue Three). The performer spreads the pack showing a random distribution of the colors. When the pack is spread again the colors have separated!
Business Trip by Patrick Schlagel
A quick, startling effect. The magician removes his wedding band and places it onto his left palm, slides it down over his ring finger and with a push, it penetrates onto his finger!
Centrifugal Nightmare by Scott Steelfrye
The classic "Professor's Nightmare" improved to play to any size audience and hide the typical anticlimactic ending.

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