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Shivers - Gary Sumpter and Alakazam - Book
  • Shivers - Gary Sumpter and Alakazam - Book

Shivers - Gary Sumpter and Alakazam - Book

I wont say too much, I'll let the contents
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I wont say too much, I'll let the contents page do the talking...


Who and where?

Ideas and effects:

Making Contact - Harnessing the power of touch

Susceptible - The spectators eyes are covered with your fingertips. Despite them being able to feel your fingers, they feel touches on the back of their neck and head.

Relax - A spectator sits down and closes their eyes, you are watched by a group of other spectators. You stand well away from the spectator on the chair and you ask the spectator to remain quiet and in a moment you will ask them a very important question. You silently stroke your shoulder a few times. You then ask the spectator if they felt anything, the comments that they felt you stroke their shoulder, despite you being nowhere near them.

Distant Touch - Standing well away from the spectator, you gesture towards them and they feel you touch them.

Focus - One on One, the spectator feels something pushing them from behind, despite your hands being in full view.


Connected - An &8216;experiment in paranormal communication that takes an unplanned turn. A lighthearted attempt at making contact with the spirit goes off on a diagonal as things leave the performers control.

The Crying Child - A disturbing performance, centered around the spirit of a young girl.

Visual occurrences - not effects on their own, but ideas to weave into existing routines.

Burn on - A dead match lights just by willing it to.

Ghost Glass - A borrowed finger ring is placed inside a small glass as an impromptu spirit bell. At any time the ring is seen to move and shake inside.

Unaware - Events occurring that you are not aware of. The power of ignorance.

If you like this kind of magic, you WILL like Shivers!

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