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DVD - Bent Touch Slink by D. Garcia - Ellusionist
  • DVD - Bent Touch Slink by D. Garcia - Ellusionist

DVD - Bent Touch Slink by D. Garcia - Ellusionist

3 proven winners, 1 packed DVD, ALL Garcia
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3 proven winners, 1 packed DVD, ALL Garcia

If you guessed that prodigy Daniel Garcia had vanished, you guessed wrong. He re-enters with three gems that will build reputation in any act.

Bent" - a coin warps easily when simply held between the palms. Ends clean

"Touch" - a coin moves from hand to hand slowly… let them burn your hands

"Slink" - two elastic bands link and you can watch them go through each other… the most visual linking ever created

Full Overview

Bonus: includes Daniel’s version of the elastic classic: Crazy Man’s Handcuffs

3 Tricks + 1 Daniel Garcia - what more could you want? The teaching is vintage Garcia, filmed at the Ellusionist Studios in Sausalito, CA

Learn these gems. Go forth. Maximize impact.


“Bent touch slink is amazing. Bent in ny opinion is the best trick on this dvd. I did it three times for my friends today. I told them to burn my hands and get close. They never saw anything i even gave my coins away. Its an awesome trick leaving u clean”. (William Oliver)

“This is three amazing effects and they are easy to preform. touch may be obvious but how you end clean is awesome. i get awesome reactions i highly recommend this”. (Allan)

“A gem for real gold miners... And if you are not the real one, then don't buy this gems”. (Macknonalds)


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