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Magic DVDs DVD - Fooler Doolers DVD - Daryl - Vol. 1-3 TiendaMagia - 1
  • Magic DVDs DVD - Fooler Doolers DVD - Daryl - Vol. 1-3 TiendaMagia - 1

DVD - Fooler Doolers DVD - Daryl - Vol. 1-3


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A mystery that amazes and amuses!

This astonishing three-volume set teaches you some of the most entertaining magic you'll ever see. This is the magic that earned Daryl the title of "The World Champion Magician's Magician" and he will captivate you with these mysteries. Oh, and did we mention that you should be ready to laugh and laugh? Each volume contains an incredible variety of close-up, cabaret and impromptu magic, with many easy-to-do and self-working effects. In addition to the popular impromptu quick tricks, Daryl also teaches many full routines, complete with snappy patter and professional presentations. And, as if all of this weren't enough, each volume also begins with approximately 30 minutes of Daryl performing these Fooler Doolers as a hugely entertaining show which could be shared with non-magician friends and family.


Volume One

Volume One contains a huge range of commercial magic, using many items from ropes to sponge balls, from cards to silks - and much more! Amongst these miracles, you will learn one of the simplest, most effective and completely impromptu versions of the cups and balls - probably the only version you will ever need! Also, see Daryl turn the rarely seen "Mystery of the Traveling Marbles" into an impromptu masterpiece - and teach you step by step to do the same!


* Bennett's Boner (Horace Bennett)
* Instantaneous Knot
* Pretzel Knot
* Dai Vernon's Climax to a Dice Routine (Dai Vernon)
* Daryl's Color Changing Knives (Daryl)
* Four of a Kind (Dai Vernon)
* The Trick Question (Brother John Hamman, Daryl)
* Chinese Laundryman (Eric D. Widger)
* Mystery of the Traveling Marbles (Silent Mora, Daryl)
* As Many and As Much As You (Jon Racherbaumer, Daryl)
* Sponge Ball Routine (Daryl)
* Cup and Ball (Daryl)


Volume Two

Another collection of the most amazing magic, using silks, ropes, matches, dice, cards and more. See the audience blown away by a simple prop you probably already own-the "Spectral Silk". Then learn from one of the finest teachers of magic in the world how you, too, can get these reactions! You will also learn "A Knotty Problem" - an Al Baker classic brought right up to date with Daryl's personal handling. And, for the first time ever on video, Daryl performs and explains the very first trick he invented (and still one of his personal favorites!)


* "The Moveless Miracle"
* Chinese Matches (Dai Vernon)
* Vanishing and Reappearing Knots (Daryl)
* Spectral Silk (J.C. Wagner)
* Milliken's Transposition (Harry Milliken)
* The Hindu Thread Trick (Al Baker)
* Matched Spellout (Dai Vernon)
* Rope Decapitation (Tenkai)
* Ropes Through Body (Harold Rice, Daryl)
* Dicey Dots (Daryl)
* Moveless Miracle (Daryl)
* Ring, Rope, Wand (Charlie Miller, Daryl)
* A Knotty Problem (Al Baker, Daryl)


Volume Three

You love magic and you love to laugh, you can do no better! Amongst the many mysteries, Daryl performs and teaches "Pyro-Maniact" - a stunning burnt and restored borrowed handkerchief or dinner napkin, that can be prepared in just seconds, and an amazing version of "Four Dice Chink a Chink". Not only is there no extra die, but the dice also travel in numerical order! But if you are ready for a laugh riot, watch and learn as Daryl performs and explains "Peter Rabbit Hits the Big Time!" - probably the funniest sponge routine you will ever witness. You, too, can perform this hilarious masterpiece in just minutes!


* Peter Rabbit Hits the Big Time (Daryl)
* Four Dice Chink-A-Chink (Bob Barrell)Follow the Leader (Dai Vernon, Tom Bowers, Daryl)
* Three to One Ropes (Martin Lewis, Daryl)
* The Tenkai Pennies (Tenkai)
* Sliding Knot (Mike Tannen, Daryl)
* Back Flip (Sam Schwartz)
* Sack's Dice Routine (Dr. Sack)
* Bracelet and Rope Routine (Tony Anverdi, Jack Chanin, Rick Johnsson, Flip, Daryl)
* Penetrating Matches (Martin Gardner)
* Pyro-Maniact (Karrell Fox)
* Crossed Thought


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By on  26 Nov. 2006 (DVD - Fooler Doolers DVD - Daryl - Vol. 1-3) :


Muy buen material y muy variado!!
Montones de efectos e ideas absolutamente aprovechables, muchos de ellos sin excesiva dificultad técnica. Eso sí, requiere la presentación adecuada, como Daryl sabe hacerlo...

By on  28 Dec. 2005 (DVD - Fooler Doolers DVD - Daryl - Vol. 1-3) :


Encontrarás muy buen material en esta serie de tres dvds. Magia muy variada y de calidad (cartas, cuerdas, monedas, dados, pañuelos, ...).
Personalmente, destacar que saqué provecho, entre otras cosas, del juego \"aro y cuerda\" y \"decapitación de la soga\", juegos que continuaré haciendo toda la vida y no me cansaré de ellos.