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Magic DVDs DVD - PFM by Diamond Jim Tyler TiendaMagia - 2
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  • Magic DVDs DVD - PFM by Diamond Jim Tyler TiendaMagia - 2

DVD - PFM by Diamond Jim Tyler

Pockets Full Of Miracles

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Pockets Full Of Miracles :

This is 23 of the 29 routines from DJT's best-selling book of the same name. The effects created are from doing magic table-side in restaurants on a weekly basis for 20 plus years. The material taught has won him awards from the TAOM and the IBM.

All of the material has been showcased at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and much of it has been featured at the prestigious Magic Circle in London. You'll be hard-pressed to find another instructional magic DVD that gives you more bang for the buck or as many polished commercial routines!


• Baseball Diamond - An autographed baseball is produced from a card box which reveals the spectator's chosen baseball card.

• Nimble Corks - A fun little bar-betcha with two beaker corks.

• 3 Burnt Matches - The magician cons a spectator out of money with three burnt matches.

• The F.B.I. Trick - A comedy escape routine with a surprise vanish of the regulation thumbcuffs.

• Soaring Straw - A drinking straw jumps and flies from the magician's hands.

• Invisible Thumbscrews - An old hypnotist trick that puts a spectator under your spell.

• Animated Card Box - A card box comes to life, spins around and then stands up. The flap opens by itself to receive the pack. Everything is

• One-Armed Aces - The magician cuts the pack with one hand each time revealing an Ace.

• Burning Impression - The image of a selected card appears burnt into your business card.

• Trapdoor Coins - Three coins penetrate a tabletop one at a time.

• Diamond's Dazzler - A chosen card is made to fly face-up from the center of the deck.

• Whatever It Takes - A thought-of number, letter and card a revealed in a comical and mystical manner.

• Cat And Mouse - A signed card is caught and revealed with the aid of a mousetrap.

• The Gunslinger - A signed card is stood up and shot with an imaginary gun magically causing the selection to topple over and form a bullet-hole.

• Comedy Shuffling Routine - A fun and hilarious overview on the art of shuffling cards.

• Birthday Bill - A hole-puncher is waved over a dollar bill causing holes to magically appear. The holes spell out Happy B-Day!

• Ring And String - A 5-phased routine where a borrowed ring penetrates a string, vanishes from sight and reappears at will for the magician.

• Pieces Of Eight - DJT's pet routine where coins are made to vanish, reappear, penetrate a glass and fly. Not to mention the 3 surprise finales!

• Fireball - A piece of paper is torn burned and restored anew in a blaze of glory!

• Paper Weight - The magician correctly guesses the number of cards from a cut-off stack time and again.

• Frog Hair - A card is made to flip over with some help from a piece of frog hair.

• Now Age Spellbound -A glass stone changes colors repeatedly at the magician's fingertips.

• Mathemagic - A packet of cards grows in number while in the spectator's hands.

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