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DVD - Storyteller by Ravi Mayar and Enigma LTD.
  • DVD - Storyteller by Ravi Mayar and Enigma LTD.

DVD - Storyteller by Ravi Mayar and Enigma LTD.

Ravi Mayar is back with
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Ravi Mayar is back with seven brand new organic "no card tricks" routines.

Ravi is known for creating stunning visual magic with everyday items that people can relate to. Ravi takes you step by step through each routine to ensure you will be ready to perform these effects in no time

... Get ready for storyteller.

'Storyteller is powerful modern organic magic! My favourite is M.B.Z which is utterly mind blowing and is a staple in my act' - Kieron Johnson creator of To The Max

Trick List

A match box visually without cover changes into a Zippo lighter.

Post X
A post-it note is given to the spectator to hold. An 'x' is then drawn on the post-it note pad. The 'x' visually vanishes onto the post-it that the spectator is holding in their hands. The post-it can also be signed.

Mini Bar
A miniature bottle of spirit is produced in stages ending with the label appearing on the bottle.

Lotto Wallet
A lottery ticket is shown to the spectator then is folded with a rubber band wrapped completely around it. Money then appears from it.

A highly visual torn and restorn packaged piece of gum.

Travel Transpo
A highly visual transposition of a travel card and a train ticket in the spectator's hands.

A credit card is freely shown on both sides and then money is produced from it.


'Ravi's creations are amongst the most visual, workable and creative effects i have ever seen. Amazing Stuff (Again!)' - Marc Lavelle Creator Of The Changeling


"This first rate DVD by Ravi Mayar teaches seven close-up effects with no card tricks. Most of the effects are fast and probably best suited as visual support material for your close-up routines. " - Wayne Kawamoto

"We need more of these DVDs. We need more organic magic. All 7 of these tricks are super visual and super easy to learn and you need to integrate this into your routine..." - Ekaterina

"This is one of my favorite DVDs I have reviewed in a while and all the magic is super strong." - Paul Romhany

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