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Bicycle - Big Box - Brainwave - Blue back
  • Bicycle - Big Box - Brainwave - Blue back

Bicycle - Big Box - Brainwave - Blue back

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Finally a jumbo deck, perfect for performing the "Brainwave deck" also on stage.

The magician places a deck of cards closed in its case on the table. A spectator freely thinks of any card and names it. The magician takes the deck out of its case and slowly spreads out the cards showing how just one card is face up... it is the card named by the spectator! But thats not all as it will also be the only one with a different colored back! Its a devastating effect for the audience because the card is freely thought of. The spectator can name any card in the deck. • Measures approx 11.5cm (4,52") x 18cm (7,08"). • Made in the USA by the United States Playing Card Company. Although these are Bicycle Cards and feature the familiar 808 Rider Back Design they are not printed on Bicycle Card Stock as the special airflow finish would make them too slippery to handle.



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