Sealed In by Alex Ward video DOWNLOAD
    • Sealed In by Alex Ward video DOWNLOAD

    Sealed In by Alex Ward video DOWNLOAD

    Street Magic is all about using everyday objects to create high impact magic that leaves a lasting impression. In this trick, you borrow a coin and visually slam it straight through a bottle of water, with the coin rattling around inside. The bottle is then handed out for inspection, revealing that the lid is still sealed, leaving everyone amazed.

    This trick requires no special coins or magnets, and includes an easy setup by Chris Harding. With quick setup and no cutting required, it's easy to perform. The label can be removed before the trick, and bottle flourishes are taught to enhance the effect. Bonus footage includes two additional fantastic effects to add to your repertoire. Get ready to wow your audience with this impossible souvenir trick!

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    Sealed In by Alex Ward video DOWNLOAD

    This is what Street Magic is all about!

    Everyday objects - High impact Magic - Impossible souvenir - Easy to do

    Imagine walking up to someone with a bottle of mineral water which is shown very freely on all sides. The label has been removed to show there is no place to hide! Borrow a coin and tell everyone to watch closely...

    One... two... three... You visually slam the coin straight through the bottle! It is openly seen rattling around in the water! Sound impossible? Well get this... Now hand out the bottle of water to let people discover the impossible truth... The lid of the bottle is still factory sealed and has NEVER been opened! You let this sink in then walk away... Leaving them with an impossible souvenir of this astonishing experience...
    • No special coins!
    • No magnets needed!
    • Includes Chris Harding's easy one bottle setup!
    • Quick setup - less than 5 minutes - no cutting or knives required!
    • Label can be removed before performance!
    • Easy to do!
    • Bottle flourishes taught to use in the effect!
    • Bonus footage - two additional fantastic effects!

    Idioma: Inglés

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