SHOCKWAVE by Johannes the Dreamer video DOWNLOAD
    • SHOCKWAVE by Johannes the Dreamer video DOWNLOAD

    SHOCKWAVE by Johannes the Dreamer video DOWNLOAD

    Make this Halloween one to remember with the SHOCKWAVE collection. These creepy tricks are perfect for those who love all things freaky. With 6 disturbing effects, you'll have people questioning their reality. From dislocating your finger, elbow, and nose to producing a hyper-realistic coin from your eye, these tricks will leave a lasting impression. The classics of body magic, such as the hand twist 360 and the impossible arm twist, are also included with a unique twist. Download and learn these spine-chilling tricks now for a Halloween show that will make them scream!
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    SHOCKWAVE by Johannes the Dreamer video DOWNLOAD

    Make them SCREAM this Halloween!

    Everyone can put on a costume, but with SHOCKWAVE you can put on a show and send shockwaves down their spine!

    Perfect creepy tricks for lovers of freaky. You get 6 disturbing effects, which will make people question their reality. Your performance will be something people will never forget, even if they want to.

    This is what you get with SHOCKWAVE collection:

    1. BREAKING POINT - Dislocate your finger
    2. PSYCHO - Dislocate your elbow
    3. NOSE BREAK - Dislocate your nose
    4. EYEPOPPER - Hyper realistic coin from eye
    5. HAND TWIST 360 - The classic of body magic
    6. IMPOSSIBLE ARM TWIST - Another classic with Johannes' unique, more deceiving touch

    Download and learn it now!

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