Mentalism,Bizarre and Psychokinesis Performer Sign In The Sky by Emma Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1
    • Mentalism,Bizarre and Psychokinesis Performer Sign In The Sky by Emma Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    Sign In The Sky by Emma Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD

    Imagine a participant visualizing shapes swirling around until they settle on an image or drawing, which you can accurately divine. The method of Sign In The Sky is revealed, promising high accuracy without any tricks or gimmicks. This psychological force uses real techniques to implant thoughts in the spectator's mind, suitable for performers of all levels. You'll even receive a bonus professionally recorded Audio File.

    With a focus on psychosocial development and psychology, the creator has crafted a propless mentalism effect that allows you to predict images or drawings with a high hit rate. The engaging script, ease of performance, and versatility make it perfect for close-up, Zoom, or pre-show performances.

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    Sign In The Sky by Emma Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD

    Picture this scene, the participant thinks of shapes swirling around and around, combining, shifting and morphing until they decide on an image or drawing. You can then divine that object with high accuracy.

    I'm bold enough to reveal the method of Sign In The Sky and here's the kicker, once you know the method, you'll want to buy it even MORE. No equivoque, no gimmicks and no anagrams.

    It's a psychological force. But this is NOT YOUR REGULAR FORCE. This force utilizes real psychological techniques to implant real thoughts into your spectator's mind. These advanced techniques have been streamlined to allow beginners, intermediate and advanced performers, perform with incredible accuracy. Not only do you have a high hit rate but you have the ability to know whether or not the force has worked. This allows you to go into any back up routine you deem suitable. Whether it's a CT or One Ahead, it's up to you.

    I have studied psychosocial development and general psychology (I even had a diploma to show for it!) I have been performing psychological mentalism for just under a decade now so this effect is a labor of love. However, you won't just learn how to divine a thought of image or drawing but you'll hear me divine a thought of image or drawing. You'll receive a professionally recorded Audio File as a bonus to this Propless Piece.

    If you want to learn a brand new propless piece and if you want to divine or predict a thought of image/drawing this is the perfect effect for you.

    - Engaging script.
    - High hit rate.
    - Easy to do.
    - Perfect for closeup, Zoom and preshow.

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