Appearing Cane by JL Magic
    • Appearing Cane by JL Magic
    • Appearing Cane by JL Magic

    Appearing Cane - Plastic, BLACK and WHITE STRIPED by JL Magic

    The Appearing Cane is a classic magic trick beloved by audiences for many years

    JL Magic makes it using high-quality film and it comes in multiple colors, this model is black and white stripes so you can express your style with your magic

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    Appearing Cane by JL Magic

    The Appearing Cane has been loved by audiences for many years.

    We guarantee the quality of this version, as JL Magic makes this product using high-quality film.

    It is available in various colors - this model is striped black and white!

    Express yourself and your magic with the various colors! The effect is even more effective when used with a feather or silk.

    Size: 100-110cm (Total)/6cm (Fold)

    Difficulty: Beginner
    No instrucions

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