Bill In Lemon - Syouma
    • Bill In Lemon - Syouma
    • Bill In Lemon - Syouma
    • Bill In Lemon - Syouma
    • Bill In Lemon - Syouma
    • Bill In Lemon - Syouma

    Bill In Lemon - Syouma

    The SYOUMA Lemon Ticket is better than ever! Now it's even easier to use. The trick is simple: a spectator signs a note, the magician folds it, holds it and then disappears. but wait! When you open a lemon, the signed note appears inside.

    The package includes a special gimmick and online instructions. But remember, you'll have to prepare the lemons, wrappers, rubber bands and cutter on your own, as they are not included. Get ready to amaze everyone with this gimmick!

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    Bill In Lemon - Syouma

    SYOUMA's Bill in Lemon has been improved!

    It's even easier to use than before.


    Ask a spectator to put a sticker on the borrowed bill and sign it.

    The magician folds the bill into a small size and holds it.

    Then take out the lemon wrapped in plastic wrap.

    When the magician opens his hand holding the bill... the bill is gone.

    If you cut the lemon in half, the spectator's signed bill will come out from the inside.


    • Special gimmick
    • Online instruction

    Note: please prepare real lemons, wraps, rubber bands, and cutters separately.

    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Visual online instructions

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