Envelope Opener by Blake Vogt
    • Envelope Opener by Blake Vogt

    Envelope Opener by Blake Vogt

    This trick is a bomb. You can ask 3 questions, tell 3 jokes and then blow everyone away by revealing the named card. The best part is that you don't need to be a magician to do it and the card is 100% examinable.

    With this trick, you'll receive everything you need, including a detailed instructional video and pdf files to print your own revelation cards. Get ready to impress!

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    Envelope Opener by Blake Vogt

    The perfect opener for any occasion. You get to ask 3 questions and you get to tell the exact same 3 jokes EVERY time you perform this effect. Then... you get to blow the audience away by revealing the exact card they named. There is zero equivoque required. And no special handling for the paper at the end... that card is 100% examinable and hand-out-able.

    With this trick you will receive everything you need to perform this effect as well as a detailed instructional video explaining every detail on how to perform this effect. You also will receive all of the pdf files so you can print your own reveal cards at the end so you can hand them out every performance.

    Outer question mark white envelope measures 6.5" x 9". Final reveal card when unfolded is 5" x 7".

    Difficulty: Beginner
    Online instructions

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