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Quo Vadis

This magic trick is a real puzzle. You borrow a watch, put it into a blue tube and then into a red one. But, surprise! The watch appears in a white tube that was previously empty and in the red tube there is a glass of juice or even a goldfish. You'll leave everyone with their mouths open.

It's an easy trick.

It is an easy trick to do but with a great impact. Ideal for shows with adults and children. The tubes are portable, the largest is 18 cm high and 9.5 cm in diameter. And the best part, the watch can be borrowed, the spectator's watch will always reappear. An incredible trick!

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The magician asks a spectator to borrow a watch and he closes it in a blue tube. The tube is then inserted into a red tube. However, after some magic gestures, the blue tube with inside the watch is found inside a white tube previously shown empty and inside the red tube is found a glass of orange juice or even a glass of water containing a true goldfish!

You will leave your audience speechless...

  • Easy to perform, but of great impact.
  • Perfect for shows with adults, but also with children.
  • The tubes are easy to transport, the largest is 18 cm high and has a diameter of 9.5 cm.
  • The watch can be borrowed, there are no swaps, what will always reappear will be that of the specator.

Dificultad: Principiante
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