SOUL - Wenzi
    • SOUL - Wenzi
    • SOUL - Wenzi
    • SOUL - Wenzi
    • SOUL - Wenzi
    • SOUL - Wenzi
    • SOUL - Wenzi

    Soul - Wenzi

    Soul is a magical accessory with unlimited potential. Based on the idea that everything has weight, it allows you to know the weight of any object, as if you put an invisible mark on it. You can immediately tell how many cards your spectators cut, which card they cut to and even which card will be next. You can even use everyday objects such as keys, coins, cigarettes, etc. The high-tech chip incorporates 7 types of sorting and can calibrate the weight of each card.

    Soul is easy to use and fully customisable. Its ergonomic design and ultra-miniature size (22 x 44 x 12 mm) allows for easy concealment. The receiver display can be adjusted according to performance situations and you can customise the sleep time.

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    SOUL - Wenzi

    In ancient Egypt, Anubis would use a scale to judge whether the soul was qualified to ascend to heaven. Some people even said they knew the weight of the soul: 21 grams.

    Everything has weight. If your scale is accurate enough, you can see the soul. In magic, if you can know the weight of any object, it is equivalent to putting an invisible mark on it. From this concept a wild idea has appeared, and a prop with unlimited potential has arrived; this is SOUL.

    You can immediately tell the audience how many cards they cut, which card is cut to, and even what the next card will be. You can also let three spectators randomly cut the deck and memorize the randomly cut cards, and you know what cards they are immediately. You can even perform with 7 different types of memorized deck stacks, like Mnemonica. Furthermore, you can also put aside the playing cards and use objects from daily life, such as keys, coins, cigarettes, chewing gum, dice, etc.

    The high-tech chip has seven built-in 7 types of stacks: including new card order, Mnemonica, Si Stebbins, etc., whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use it very easily. You can use any playing card with different weights since you can calibrate the weight of each card. Our high-precision sensor & dual-mode master chip: the accuracy is as high as 0.01 grams, enabling SOUL to accurately read any small objects on the device. It doesn't even have to be used in a card box; it can be installed anywhere that is suitable for the size, like a book, mat, table, etc. Soul has a built-in memory function; after Calibration the data can be automatically saved even when the machine is turned off. Say goodbye to the frequent resetting.

    Ergonomically designed: Ultra-miniature size (22 x 44 x 12mm) can be easily hidden in your palm, card box or any objects in your environment. The brightness of the receiver screen can be set according to different performance situations. You can also customize the sleep time. So that the use time is extended. The signal transmission distance can reach 20 meters in an open environment.

    • No calculation, no memory, no peeking
    • High-tech smart props
    • Powerful mentalism tools
    • Easy to use
    • 7 stacks available
    • Fully customizable
    • Can be applied to different objects

    Difficulty: Intermediate
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