Tearify Newspaper Mindreading by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD
    • Tearify Newspaper Mindreading by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD

    Tearify Newspaper Mindreading by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD

    Looking to perform the classic Newspaper Test without any gimmicks or math? Nathan Kranzo has you covered with a stripped-down version that guarantees accurate results. Simply tear a page from a newspaper, have a word chosen, and reveal it with precision. Kranzo walks you through the history of the test and demonstrates its simplicity in a real-life setting. No extra papers or gimmicks needed - just pure mentalism at its finest.

    As a bonus, Kranzo teaches the Leech Newspaper/Magazine Test, an impromptu version that will leave your audience stunned. With this download, you'll have everything you need to master these powerful effects and amaze your spectators. Strong mentalism made simple - a blockbuster classic that will become a staple in your repertoire.

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    Tearify Newspaper Mindreading by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD

    The classic Newspaper Test stripped down to its bare essentials. Done with NO GAFFS, GIMMICKS or extras. No math, no thinking other than presentation.

    A page freely chosen from a newspaper is torn into dozens of pieces. ONE piece is selected. ONE WORD is thought of on EITHER SIDE of the piece of paper.

    You then slowly reveal their thoughts with 100% percent accuracy. Or for those Too Perfect Theory guys 85% accuracy if you'd like. It is under you complete control.

    On this download Nathan Kranzo will take you through the history of the Newspaper Test starting with work from over 100 years ago to present date.

    You see Nathan perform the effect at a theater for real people. You will learn his incredibly simple method that has fooled many.

    You need no extra papers or any gimmicks at all. You can be handed any paper and perform it naked.

    Nothing added, nothing taken away. A blockbuster classic effect. STRONG MENTALISM made simple.

    For the first time Kranzo Teaches the Leech Newspaper/Magazine Test.
    This impromptu test destroys people and you'll want to perform it for the rest of your life.

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