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DVD - The Unorthodox Collection by Rich Ferguson
  • DVD - The Unorthodox Collection by Rich Ferguson

DVD - The Unorthodox Collection by Rich Ferguson

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It's like your own private lecture on card techniques and more outside the box ideas with cards and other objects. This DVD is 15 years in the making and ripped right from Rich's working material.

"I didn't start doing magic until my late 20's. If I saw magic on television, I'd try to come up with a way it was done. Most of my thinking was 'wrong'... but led to some very useful tools I use in my magic today! It's time to share it." - Rich Ferguson

Learn a KILLER utility move that's a strange hybrid of a second deal, palm and double lift. Imagine being able to secretly switch cards, visually change cards, hide cards, add cards, produce cards and do dozens of other sleights using ONE unusual move.

Also, learn Rich's unorthodox thinking for:

• Second deals

• Producing a chosen card

• Popping a card across hands

• Using your arm and stomach for card switches

• Various ideas with common objects and more...

This is a not a tricks DVD filled with performances or routines. This IS a series of techniques and awesome ideas you can use in your magic where you see fit.


Over 50 Unorthodox Moves plus various ideas and bonus.

Introduction (5minutes)

Fallout Utilty Moves (40minutes)

• Fallout Add On
• Fallout Transfer To Thumb
• Fallout Transfer To Tenkai
• Fallout Placement
• Fallout Midair Change
• Fallout Around The World
• Fallout Switch
• Fallout Drop Add On
• Fallout Add Under
• Fallout Palm
• Fallout Squeeze
• Fallout Rotation Double
• Fallout Deal
• Fallout Deal Add On
• Fallout Invisible Deal
• Fallout Double
• Fallout Spin
• Fallout Twist
• Fallout Sandwich
• Fallout Double Second
• Fallout Production
• Fallout Undone
• Fallout Fake
• Fallout Brush By Vanish
• Fallout Rub Change
• Fallout Wave Change
• Fallout Snap Change
• Fallout Push-In Change
• Fallout Cut Transfer
• Fallout Transfer To Bottom

Unorthodox Card Moves (31minutes)

• Pop Out Cut
• Tenkai Toss
• Tenkai Boomerang
• Back Alley Palm
• Back Alley Production
• Dribble Double Snap
• Dribble Double Toss
• Buckle Change
• Push Through Pivot Palm
• Push Through Pivot Transfer
• Push Palm
• Push Fallout Palm
• Rotation Palm
• Rotation Palm2

Unorthodox Second Deals:

• Pinky Second
• Second Air
• Pivot Second
• Side Swipe
• Side Swipe Top Change
• Second Top Change

Unorthodox Moves with Object (18minutes)

• Easy Load
• Sticky Bands
• Pinky Pull
• Flash Strip Production
• French DropUp
• Muscle Pass Production
• Muscle Pass to Vanish
• Muscle Pass Transfer

Running Time Approximately 1hr 45min

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