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Card Tricks No Camera Tricks by Merlins TiendaMagia - 1
  • Card Tricks No Camera Tricks by Merlins TiendaMagia - 1

No Camera Tricks by Merlins


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Four cards of the same value, eg the Jacks, are openly displayed face up. The backs are then shown, and all appear to be blue. The faces then 'vanish' leaving four blank cards. Next, the faces reappear, but the backs have all changed to red.

You explain that no camera tricks are used, and to prove this, you produce from the four cards a sign saying 'no Camera Tricks'. Finally you reveal that it is all done with mirrors, and show that the rest of the cards have indeed, changed into card sized mirrors. Great for table hopping or TV work, instant reset, easy toperform!

Comes with cards and DVD instructions.

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