The Opener by Adrian Vega
    • The Opener by Adrian Vega
    • The Opener by Adrian Vega
    • The Opener by Adrian Vega
    • Card Tricks The Opener by Adrian Vega TiendaMagia - 2
    • The Opener by Adrian Vega
    • The Opener by Adrian Vega
    • The Opener by Adrian Vega

    The Opener - Adrian Vega

    Adrian Vega is the mastermind behind "The Opener," a card magic trick that has blown away the world's top magicians. This trick, which consists of making a folded card appear in your hand that matches the spectator's thought-of card, is super easy to do and has been tested for more than 10 years. Since Adrian started sharing it in 2018, only the best professional magicians have used it in their shows.

    The "The Opener" package comes with everything you need to perform it, including handmade gimmicks made from authentic Bicycle cards and a silk. Just open the box, watch the tutorial and add it to your repertoire. Plus, it's perfect for close-up and parlor magic.

    Tax included Available and ready to ship.

    "Thank you Adrian for creating this professional piece of magic and share it with our community. I used in my recent show called 'Flipar' and it was a great success"
    - Jorge Blass

    "Since I first got the trick from Adrian in 2018, I immediately put it in my show and there it has remained to this very day. I highly recommended The Opener"
    - Scott Wells

    It was in 2013 when Adrian Vega performed this "Opener" for first time with the best magicians in Spain becoming the Champion of Card Magic that year.

    From that day, he performed this clever miracle all around the world "fooling" and blowing away the best magicians at FFFF, at FISM, at Magic Castle, ect...

    After a funny gag, imagine making appear just ONE folded card in your fingertips. Then, the spectator thinks in one number and a suit totally free (no force) to create a unique card. The big surprise is when you open that card, and of course, it is the thought card. Just like that.

    And the best part it is super easy to do, nothing to switch, nothing to hide, just enjoy the funny presentation pattern, tested during more than 10 years, being part of Adrian's professional repertoire. This is not one more advertisement hooks, we can prove it.

    Since he shared The Opener only in his lectures from 2018, The Opener is practically a secret shared only between top professional magicians using it in their professional shows, as you can hear from the testimonials of Jorge Blass or Scott Wells.

    We are more than sure that you will enjoy performing it, and you will blow away magicians and lay people with the profesional "Opener".

    Make yourself a favor and learn it now!

    ✔ Everything is included, comes with very special hand made gimmicks, out of real Bicycle Cards, a silk, and everything you need to performed. The level of craftsmanship involved on it is just simply crazy.
    ✔ Just open the box, watch the tutorial and include it in your repertoire forever.
    ✔ Very easy to do, pack super small and play HUGE.
    ✔ Perfect for close up and parlor.
    ✔ Clean, direct and powerful, The Opener is the perfect trick.
    ✔ Also is included full tutorial video, with all of the experience of Adrian Vega and professional tips, guarded until now, and some great ideas from other professional magicians.

    Difficulty: Beginner
    Online instructions

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