Corner by ziv video DOWNLOAD
    • Corner by ziv video DOWNLOAD

    Corner by ziv video DOWNLOAD

    The magician in this trick has achieved something truly magical - with no thread, no magnets, and only a playing card, they have managed to make the corner of the card move in all directions, all without ever leaving their control

    The trick was created by Lubor Fiedler, and is a miraculous thing to behold

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    A Miracle to Behold!

    After tearing off the corner of a playing card, the magician waves his/her hand where the corner used to be. Lo and behold, the card moves in all directions, always under the magician's control. Looks breathtaking!

    "Lubor Fiedler has created a supernatural floating corner trick. For a long time, I was looking for a way to do it.
    "No Thread. No Magnet. Only a card is needed to perform this mystery.
    "Now here is it, I hope you enjoy it."
    - ziv

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